November, 2015

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Environmental issues that affect U.S. workers health

Hey everyone, Kobe here. It’s an honor to contribute to this website and be around an amazing group of people. Jim Rohn once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

That being said let’s dig right into our topic of the day.  Environmental issues that can have an effect on U.S. workers health.  This is a subject I have been wanting to touch on for quite some time now because it’s dear to my heart.

I grew up in a working-class family.  The only thing they knew was how to be a wage earner and rely on a payroll check.  That was the life they grew up in and how their family taught them.  Naturally this what they passed downed to me and my siblings.

My parents did not understand the entrepreneurial life that I have dedicated myself to.  Nor did they believe it was a good idea.  They meant no harm by it was just so foreign to them, they couldn’t grasp why I would rather take my chances than settle for a safe payroll job.

To get back on track to our subject U.S. workers are affected by environmental issues on a daily basis.  Some matters have a larger consequence than others, but I believe we should still bring this topic out into the light.

In this post, I would like to tackle 4 subjects that I believe have been affecting our workers for decades.  Maybe if we can bring certain problems like this out of the darkness we can possibly save some people’s health.

Educating people is a great way to contribute to our society because there are a lot of people ignorant to environment problems. It’s definitely not a popular topic to discuss in the working class of America.

Ok, enough of my rants let’s dive into the content and hopefully I can get some feedback from you.

Change in climate

Climate Change

Working in extreme temperatures

One thing I always want to remember is the summer’s as a teenager when my father allowed me to work at his job site’s for that summer vacation spending money.  

Oh, how I regretted that shit.  He would ask me, “Are you sure you can hang?”  As a young healthy athlete that would endure double-session football practices in blazing summer heat replied, “Are you kidding me pops?”  Proceeding to show off my biceps in sarcasm. Read More …


Top 5 Eco-Friendly Businesses and How You Can Emulate

Jason here and wanted to finally contribute to our blog and energy project. Since we all love business, I wanted to recognize some of the large-scale businesses out there that are doing their best to help save planet earth while they operate a multi-million and multi-billion dollar companies.

It would be very easy for these businesses to not give a flying hoot about our environment and strictly focus on revenue.  Obviously large companies have to abide by certain regulations but we scraped up 5 businesses that are taking environment safety to a whole other level.

Let’s face it, sustaining the environment is not exactly top priority for most businesses out in our world.  Sadly, there are the companies out there that look to save money by polluting our earth.  Why is that?  Well, of course, the main reason is to save money, but, in the long run, most companies that implement shady environmental practices get hit with huge fines which sometimes results in the entire company going under.  Is it worth it? Absolutely not.

We’re also going to go over different strategies a business can use to not only help out our environment but also to how these strategies can help grow revenue.

I also wanted to illustrate the impact a big business can have on our environment and also take you through 5 businesses that are using advanced strategies to help out our beloved mother nature.

Best practices your business can do to help our environment

   Sustainability for Online Business


Read More …

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