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What can I say about us?  First of all we are a group of concerned business owners that really want to give back our community.  Environment has been a personal concern for all of us so we figured it’s time to ignite our passion into action.  

The most effective way to create awareness these days is the world wide web.  The four of us combined all own and operate businesses out here in the California area and I will be the spokesperson so to speak for this blog post.  

Allow me to introduce myself and the others in our group.  Alissa, born and raised in the beautiful city of Los Angeles.  Joining me throughout our blog post will be Jason, Shellie, and Kobe.  

All experts in the business field and are very passionate about conserving our environment.  

Let me start off by giving you a brief description about all of us:

   >  Alissa:  Born and raised in the big city of Los Angeles Ca.  Acquired a degree business at the University of San Diego majoring in business administration.  I help run a distribution company that operates out of the Los Angeles area.  

   >  Jason:  Born out of Oregon but migrated down south to the northern California area at the age of 13.  Jason found a great school call Berkeley and graduated with an advertising degree where he now operates an online marketing agency up in San Francisco.  

   >  Shellie:  Born and raised in a small town of Wasco Ca.  Shellie broke out the small town of Wasco and thrived out into the world of business.  She started the venture by attending the University of Las Vegas where she mastered in marketing.  From the there Shellie joined a fortune 500 company and learned all that she could until she catapulted her own marketing business.  We can’t wait to get feedback from Shellie about our environment.  

   >  Kobe:  Last and certainly not least is our dear friend Kobe.  Kobe happens to be an amazing athlete and played collegiate baseball for Fresno st.  Kobe excelled in athletics and education acquiring a degree in business technology.  Today Kobe has turned all of his knowledge into a great company where he helps professional athletes manage finances and investment for their future.  

Obviously this was just a brief summary of the gang, we didn’t want to bore you with our life stories and were not here to boast and brag about ourselves.  

The key to this website is to bring out environmental issue we have in America and tie it all in with business and how it all can affect our economy.  

Thanks for stopping in and I can’t wait to kick this off.  

If you have a desire to really contribute to this conversation and would like to help with future projects or donate to our cause, please contact us thorugh email by feeling out our form on our contact page.


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