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Top 5 Eco-Friendly Businesses and How You Can Emulate

Jason here and wanted to finally contribute to our blog and energy project. Since we all love business, I wanted to recognize some of the large-scale businesses out there that are doing their best to help save planet earth while they operate a multi-million and multi-billion dollar companies.

It would be very easy for these businesses to not give a flying hoot about our environment and strictly focus on revenue.  Obviously large companies have to abide by certain regulations but we scraped up 5 businesses that are taking environment safety to a whole other level.

Let’s face it, sustaining the environment is not exactly top priority for most businesses out in our world.  Sadly, there are the companies out there that look to save money by polluting our earth.  Why is that?  Well, of course, the main reason is to save money, but, in the long run, most companies that implement shady environmental practices get hit with huge fines which sometimes results in the entire company going under.  Is it worth it? Absolutely not.

We’re also going to go over different strategies a business can use to not only help out our environment but also to how these strategies can help grow revenue.

I also wanted to illustrate the impact a big business can have on our environment and also take you through 5 businesses that are using advanced strategies to help out our beloved mother nature.

Best practices your business can do to help our environment

   Sustainability for Online Business


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How Are The Top Oil Producers Affecting Our Economy?

Shellie here and I wanted to share an infographic I took the time to create that is showing our current oil prices.

I also would like to share my opinion on the whole oilfield employment situation.

A lot of people have been asking me my opinion on our economy and my thoughts toward the oil industry.

Well, here it is.

Do I feel sorry for our oilfield workers? Certainly not and allow me to explain why.

The oil industry has been booming since 2009. Yes, prices have not dropped this drastically since ’08 but wouldn’t you understand that the oil industry is an up and down market?

The number one rule in finances is don’t put your eggs in one basket. Spend wisely. Do people listen?

I’ll go ahead and let you answer that one. Look, it’s very unfortunate when you a person is laid off, but the opportunity to expand is always there for an American worker that has been employed for several years.

Let’s not blame the government and the industry for difficult financial times.

I believe we all need to take responsibility for our own spending activities.

Ask yourself. Did we really need the two car payments of $550.00 per month?

We’re wishing all of the unfortunate men and women that have been affected by the drop in oil prices the best of luck.

One thing I’m tired of reading and hearing from people is the blame game.

That’s the main point I wanted to get across today.

Other than that enjoy the infographic and please leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments box.

Also don’t forget to leave your contact information so we can send you all of the content that is created on this blog.

Energy & Business Infographic

10/22/2015 Top 10 Oil Producers

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