Is Hydraulic Fracking Affecting the Earth Negatively or Positively?

We have heard time and time again about hydraulic fracking in America.  If you have never really researched the subject and rely simply on what you hear on the news, 9 out of 10 times you will probably be against fracking and what it is all about.  

First we are going to talk about the definition of hydraulic fracking and then get into some other subjects that could be affecting our earth and economy.  

So what exactly is fracking?  The best answer I could find that explains it the best is as follows.  Fracking is short for hydraulic fracking.  Fracking is a type of oil field drilling that is performed by cutting edge horizontal drilling rigs to produce a flow of natural gases and crude oil.  Hydraulic fracking involves tapping into shale and rock formations thousands of miles below the earth.  

Pretty vague definition right?  No worries, we are going to break this down in greater detail soon enough.  

Why does the U.S. implement fracking?

It has been said fracking is the number one reason why America has a plentitude of energy in this day and age.  There are vast amounts of natural gas and oil trapped inside of this shale and rock formations below the earth.  

80% of our energy will come from hydraulic fracking.  

The U.S. is home to the largest shale gas reserves in the world and if we want to continue to have energy resources I believe fracking is here to stay.  

Not only is fracking a huge part of our natural gas production we rely heavily on utilizing natural gas to fuel over 40% of our daily electricity.

Many oil producing companies argue that fracking will create employment across the U.S. due to the fact that drilling rigs are powered by our country’s men and women. 

Is Hydraulic Fracking dangerous to our earth?

Now the big question is hydraulic fracking hurting our environment and land?  Well, you can decide that on your own.  Everyone who is knowledgeable on the topic usually forms their own opinion.  I will give you mine at the end of this post, but for now let’s look at the facts.  

Why is fracking a heavily debated subject and why the fuss?  

Let’s go back to how fracking actually works.  Remember, we are drilling into the earth’s stored natural gas resources which are shale.  When we drill to the shale, millions of high-pressure fluids are released into the shale breaking it up and flowing the fossil fuel into our production zones.  Very innovative right?  

The bad thing about this and why so many people are against fracking is most of the time the fluids that are used to fracture the shale are a mix of water, sand, and, unfortunately, toxic chemicals.  What happens to the chemicals when we are finished drilling?  Great question.  

Most of the time the fluids are left behind and potentially contaminate our underground water.  

The big concerns are for the people that live nearby hydraulic fracking operations and rely on water wells.  Farmers are also sometimes affected by the remains of the fracking fluids, killing thousands of miles of crops at times.  

That is where the argument of how fracking is affecting other areas of our economy.  Sure the drilling operations create jobs but if we are contaminating underground water don’t you think that will affect other economies in a negative way?  

My take away on hydraulic fracking

Do you really want to know what I think?  I’ve always been torn between both sides on this topic of fracking.  I love to help our environment as much as possible and I try to encourage other people to do the same.  

You see, I have a lot of friends and family that make a living working on those drilling rigs.  That is their livelihood and if we take away fracking operations then we are taking away jobs of real life people.  

For example, I have a good friend that now makes a great living working as an online marketer for an agency out in California.

He was telling me how his family was affected immensely by a layoff he had to experience earlier last year.  Although the layoff was a blessing in disguise because it forced him to pursue what he really enjoys doing.  The lack of work really his finances hard and is still recovering from the drilling rigs not operating.

Oilfield workers are a huge percentage of America’s consumers and in my mind we need to keep those people employed.  Should we do that in risking our earth’s future?  Absolutely not.

We love America and people come all over the world to make a life here.  Why do you think that is?  Let me tell you why.  Our energy resources are bar none ahead of most countries.  I mean we can light up the world if we wanted to.  Everywhere you go you see our natural gas power our cities day in and day out.  

It’s just too bad we have to endanger our earth to go about that.  I believe hydraulic fracking is very beneficial to America and I believe we should continue implementing these strategies.  

In addition, I feel is if this billion dollar a year oil business should have to invest in research to make fracking non-threatening to our environment.  If we the ability to create an idea to utilize hydraulic fracking, there has to be a way to make it a lot safer.  

This is Kobe signing off.  I would love to hear some feedback on this topic and your thoughts and concerns.  

Please share this on Facebook if you found this to be interesting and informative.  Until next time folks.  

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